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Adult butterflies do not urinate or defecate (or "go to the bathroom"). The larval life stage - the caterpillar - does all of the eating, and caterpillars almost. Answer: Butterflies pee. They only drink liquids and never eat solids, so they don't actually 'poop' but only pass liquid. Many insects pee we just don't think.

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By Nigul - 00:23
Some butterflies drink tears, eat poop, wear false heads, and kill to survive. host of revolting things, from poop to urine to decaying animal flesh. That's because some butterfly caterpillars can only eat the leaves of one.
By Brakasa - 10:04
I do know that a butterfly will pee on carrion and fruit/food that hasn't liquefied I'​m waiting for a reply from someone who may have a more.
By Mukora - 06:08
How do butterflies taste, smell, hear? Do butterflies sleep? Were do. Do butterflies pee? This is a great group of like minded people that farm butterflies.
By Samuzragore - 06:00
Mud-puddling, or simply puddling, is a behaviour most conspicuous in butterflies, but occurs in of sweat and tears, including that of humans, and other bee species have been recorded as doing so to various degrees. (Ceracris kiangsu​) – are attracted to human urine, specifically to the sodium and ammonium ions in it.
By Faesho - 03:48
I've never had a butterfly/moth pee on my hand. And now I have.. I think its quite hilarious too that some people have a phobia of moths and butterflies. make a butterfly thread!! Do it!! You've got great stories. so the other day.

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