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It's a pimple or abscess that forms on your upper or lower eyelid. Sometimes the bacteria that normally live on the surface of your eyelid block. A stye happens when one of the glands along your eyelid becomes When you first get a stye, you may have redness or a tender feeling near Treatment . WebMDRx · First Aid · WebMD Magazine · WebMD Health Record.

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Styes are similar to infected pimples or ingrown hairs, but they pop up on your eyelid. Here In some cases, you may need treatment with antibiotics to help it go away. The bottom line: If you are unlucky enough to develop a stye, don't panic. © Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
By Kem - 13:25
They may drain and heal on their own. A stye can become a chalazion, which occurs when an inflamed oil gland becomes fully blocked.
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Symptoms of a stye. Page last reviewed: 13/07/ A stye (also called a hordeolum) causes a painful swelling on the outside or inside of your eyelid. You may.
By Sall - 20:31
A stye (also called a hordeolum) is a small, red, painful lump that grows from the base of your eyelash or under the eyelid. Most styes are.
By Nigore - 21:41
It is important not to squeeze or try to "pop" a chalazion or stye. This may spread the infection into the surrounding eyelid tissue.

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